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Guide to Selecting Louisiana White Shrimp

Kevin Savoie - Friday, June 07, 2013
With fresh shrimp in season, here are some tips from Louisiana Sea Grant / LSU AgCenter on selecting the best shrimp.


Favorable Features       What to Avoid
Shells that are translucent         Opaque and discolored shells;
black spots; pitted or gritty shells
Color may have pink tinge seasonally
or if harvested at night
  Yellow or grey discoloration
Aroma that is like fresh ocean air,
clean seaweed or pond water
  Strong, ammonia, cheesy, sweet
or musty odors
Tail meat that is shiny, firm, resilient
and moist
  Cooked appearance, mush texture,
slimy feel; cottony surfaces indicative
of freezer burn


Favorable Features 
             What to Avoid
Clearly defined shape
        Loss of shape/integrity
Uniform pink/orange color                        Yellow to grey discoloration
Sweet to neutral aroma   Sour, sickly sweet, fishy to
ammonia odor
Firm and moist texture   Tough and dry or mushy texture;
cottony surfaces



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